Our Research PAPERS



  1. Textured Surfaces for Ultrasound Haptic Displays - Euan Freeman, Ross Anderson, Julie Williamson, Graham Wilson and Stephen Brewster - ICMI 2017

  2. Levitate: Interaction with Floating Particle Displays - Julie R. Williamson, Euan Freeman, and Stephen Brewster - PerDis 2017

  3. TastyFloats: A Contactless Food Delivery System - Chi Thanh Vi, Asier Marzo, Damien Ablart, Gianluca Memoli, Sriram Subramanian, Bruce Drinkwater, and Marianna Obrist - ISS 2017

  4. Floating Widgets: Interaction with Acoustically-Levitated Widgets - Euan Freeman, Ross Anderson, Carl Anderson, Julie Williamson, and Stephen Brewster - ISS 2017


  1. Point-and-Shake: Selecting from Levitating Object Displays - Euan Freeman, Julie Williamson, Sriram Subramanian ,and Stephen Brewster - CHI 2018

  2. Touchless Haptic Feedback for VR Rhythm Games - Orestis Georgiou, Craig Jeffrey, Ziyuan Chen, Bao Xiao Tong, Shing Hei Chan - IEEE VR 2018

  3. Pulsed Schlieren Imaging of Ultrasonic Haptics and Levitation using a Phased Array - Michele Iodice, Orestis Georgiou, James Wilcox, and Ben Long - ICSV 2018

  4. Touchless Tactile Displays for Digital Signage: Mid-air Haptics meets Large Screens - Loic Corenthy, Marcello Giordano, Richard Hayden, Daniel Griffiths, Craig Jeffrey, Hannah, Limerick, Orestis Georgiou, Tom Carter, Jörg Müller, Sriram Subramanian -  CHI 2018